AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign hasn’t pulled any punches in educating cellphone users about the dangers of texting and driving. Previously, the company and BBDO New York tapped director Werner Herzog to document the lives of real people whose lives were shattered by texting-related accidents. Now, to mark the campaign’s fifth anniversary, they’ve created this beautiful, but horrifying film that shows how not just a text, but any smartphone activity while driving, can endanger users and those around them.

Directed by Anonymous Content’s Frederic Planchon, the longform ad depicts what starts out as an average day in the lives of six different characters: a boy rides his bike through town, a woman gets her child ready to go out and chats with her husband on her cellphone as they go to run errands. But when the mother quickly glances down at her social media post while on the road, the “minor” distraction turns out to have tragic consequences involving the entire family.

The new film is part of an integrated campaign launching this week that also includes 30-second spots, online teasers and a 3D virtual reality simulator that all show the potential fatal consequences of engaging with your phone while driving.

A Mother's Social Media Post Shatters Lives in Gut-Wrenching Ad from AT&T – Video – Creativity Online.